Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Favorite coffee spot of the day! Love Kona and all it's coffee. Sign outside says "If coffee was a religion this would be a temple" gotta love it.

Woke up feeling good! Still a little stuffed up but not any worse, which is the key here. Oh and since we are discussing health- while moving my bike case on Monday I slammed it into my ankle and cut a gash in it. Luckily it is just above my shoe line, as that could be problematic on the run. Woke up in the middle of the night with it throbbing and had to get up and investigate...AHHH it is red and looking infected. If I had thought the drug store was open I would have gone at 2am but instead covered it with antibacterial hand sanitizer- ouch, and went back to sleep. Why don't I learn to travel with bacitracin. some and all should be fine. Does not look like gangrene has set in.

Up at 5am....early but I was in bed by 9am so all is good. Don't want to start sleeping or race morning will be very painful. Got some work done and jumped in my orange jeep, which I have take the roof off of and I love it! Reminds me of my jeep. Cruised into town to meet E and D for a swim and espresso. E was running late due to her ride so she was going to swim with P. We hopped in, lot more crowded today. Wore my new Erin Baker Suit- love it! Short swim and out to the Outrigger Canoe for espresso compliments of Coffees of Hawaii. KP was on board today and even fed me an Erin Baker Breakfast Cookie- really can life get any better.

After the swim did a run down Al ii - crowded with runners, cyclists and spectators. Running back I got all excited thinking about running down Al ii for the finish on Saturday- really, its gonna happen :) Me up with Darc again off to the Queen K hotel for reg. Really no different than other IM registrations other than it is for Kona- holy cow. Got my gear and then off to my massage.

Darc and post swim...

What a day, what a day!!! Was early, thank goodness, as I had some calls to return and some work to catch up on. Chilled at Java Rock and had some wheatgrass and a decaf. Onto Healing Island Massage, just the name is enough to relax me. And had a fantastic massage. It was one of those feel good, relaxing massages that I never get as I am always so sore and have so many knots etc that need to be worked out.

Now it was time to chill out....starting to feel like I am running all over. Caught up with work and now for some RnR!

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