Sunday, September 27, 2009


How can you tell when you are tapering....well the workouts are shorter and suddenly you realize you have energy. I got more done this weekend in months. Cleaned my office, organized and cleaned the sun room, cleaned out the closet.....gee amazing the amoutn of energy I have when I don't ride all day Saturday and run long on Sunday. Yee Haw!!

Awesome weekend! Rolled at 6:15 on Saturday for a nice ride- totally foggy but it was good. JB and I headed out and about 30 in he says, why are you pushing the pace so hard. Felt normal to me but the legs are feeling the rest. I did not really think we were hammering but the power file does not lie. I looked at my average power about 2 hours into the ride and decided it would be prudent to back off a bit. Save the legs for Kona!!! Ah it feels good.

2 lacrosse games yesterday- Riley is playing on both teams- total of 5 goals for her and she was wiped out. Working hard and I was in the shade, drinking iced coffee, keeping score- the way it should be. It was great.

This weather pattern is freaky....totally foggy in the AM- socked in and wet riding. By 9/10 am it is getting hot and by noon, close to 90! As long as it cools as night I am okay with the hot days- drinking lots of water and thinking about being in Kona.

Favorite songs from my ride Saturday
- Black Eyed Peas: I've Got a Feeling
- Rogue Wave: Publish My Love
- Tom Petty: Saving Grace
- Keane: Is It Any Wonder
- Jay Sean: Down
- Beyonce: Single Ladies ( I know, I know but I love this song)
- James Blunt: So Long Jimmy

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