Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sun, sun , go away....come again, well not sure

Enough already!!! 90+ degrees for over a week. I am again cranky! Yesterday was what KP refers to as BDT (big day training) and it entails, well a big day! Swim/Bike/Run and it was hot. In order to start as early as possible I swam at the local Y at 5:30- close is good, pool was not good. Water temp was 86, which is sweltering for a 1 hour swim. I was so hot and dehydrated when I finished I was on the verge of throwing up. Not a good sign when I still have to ride and run. But before the bike, headed home for pancakes with JD (birthday breakfast) Chocolate chip pancakes are the perfect fuel for the ride. Off to meet Marion and KP who thankfully rode part of the ride with me. It was bloody hot- Heeding my Dermatologist warnings I had on a jersey (shoulders covered) and my white arm coolers. Let me tell you, I have never been so hot on a ride. Sweat pouring down my face most of the ride, burning eyes...oh yes, it was just heaven. Bottles were hot within 15 minutes - gotta love hot carbo pro or hot Accelerade. It was a test, I tell you. I doubled my salt intake and still that was enough. The last bit of the ride, my feet started burning....oh boy. I was cursing Ironman, cursing Kona, cursing the fact I dreamed of doing this race. But ah...soon the ride was over and I had to take a swim before my transition run. Not really an option in Ironman, but it was self preservation. I headed out in wet clothes and an ice filled water bottle. Just get me through the run. I was doing prettey well and thinking, I can do this and all of a sudden I got the chills. Goose bumps, head tingling chills, as if I was freezing. Mind you, I have sweat pouring off my body. It was definitely a sign something is not right. I was near home, so I slowed way down, cut the run short and got back in side. I decided an ice bath was in order and I got in with all the ice, ice packs, anything cold ( well not the frozen peas) and sat in there watching the ice melt around my skin, while I was still sweating. The ice was gone and the water seemed to warm up so I jump in the cold shower only to have it feel warm too. I was dressed and still I got in the car and cranked the air conditioning and went to Vons. Sure enough- coldest place in the county. That is how your bring your core temperature down - to to the grocery store.

No rest for the weary.....JD's birthday dinner- no reason to sit down and let the muscles tighten up. It was great, all the family came over and we had scrumptious Carnitas, grilled onions (thanks Kathi) and a wonderful cake (gratitude to my Mom) We ate, enjoyed and everyone was gone by 9! And I was in bed at 9:05!

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