Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last real run....

Had my last real run today!! Well last one of any serious distance, pace and substance and it rocked. Legs are feeling good and easy to keep the pace I needed. Finished and was tired though.....body getting used to 1 workout a day?? Hard to say. But nice to have extra time and getting all kinds of things done. And it was not blazing hot. As much as the heat training is good, I have to say I loved the cool weather today. Kona will be hot yes, but let me enjoy the cool weather for a few days.

Time to start making a list of all I need to bring. Well I started and then remembered I have an Ironman checklist from my last few races...kind of funny but it it fun to make a new list. Seems like I need a special Kona list, but then again, my old list has all the items I have learned along the way. Would hate to forget something major, but then again, I am sure they sell pretty much anything Triathlon at the Expo.

Still working on my goggle dilemma. Yup, tried 2 more pair and well, none are keepers. Am thinking that the dark goggles may be a good idea with the Hawaiin sun. Since I will be able to swim 5 days when I am there, I may just bring my 5 favorite pair and give them a test.

New gear....thank you to Speedfil! Gotta love sponsors. I was worried about drinking if it is really windy and KP and I were just talking about what to do. Thanks to the Erin Baker Team I am all set. Arrived today and we installed it- so the tube in between the aero bars is where I can take a drink when the wind is blowing 20-30 mph as it can in Kona and I am hanging on for dear life. Sounds like so much fun doesn't it!! Hell ya. Gonna be great!

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