Monday, September 21, 2009

2 weeks from today.....

''ll be in Kona baby!!! I can hardly believe it. I am starting to get really excited. It's going to be so much fun. Taking the pressure off and looking forward to soaking it all in. Come on....just to be around all those Pro's will be awesome. There is so much happening....sponsor dinners, breakfasts, group get togethers and of course the famous underpants run Sounds like such a riot....I was shopping this weekend and found the perfect pair of skivvies. Totally cute and will do for the run.

Did a Cove to Pier swim this AM with NP and PD and it was a washing machine, not as bad as Gatorman but it was not a fun trip. But psyched I did it- good 3 miles can only make the swim in the bay in Kona seem easy. Training is all about making the race seem easy...I'm convinced. Had a great run- legs are feeling MUCH better than last week. Whew....

The crappy news is I have a toothache....not just a toothache but a dead tooth I have since learned. As much as I like my dentist....I really don’t like having to go because I’m in pain. X-rays and poking around and yes indeed, dead tooth and I am referred to the Endodontist for a root canal. Yee Haw! As much as I don’t want to go, I want to alleviate the throbbing that is manageable at times and miserable at others. This started last night- come on did the tooth up and die, was it murdered, suicide? What was the cause of death. Dr says it stems from trauma years ago. The baseball the smacked me in the face back when I was in college at LSU. Cracked one tooth and apparently rattled this one enough to die a slow death….20 years and now it dies. I actually considered not getting it fixed until after Kona. Maybe a throbbing tooth would distract me from the usual Ironman pain- but the whole infection, fever issue could really derail my race. Seriously that is how whacked us Ironman and women are. Hmmmm infected tooth or Ironman, which is better. Really? No, I love IM!!! Well most of it, until the pain starts….. No talk of that, back to dreams of warm water, Hawaii, coconuts and all the good times to come.

SD Tri Club put on a rockin party yesterday…over 500 ppl at San Dieguito Park- huge deal, Awesome live music- thanks to Steve Tally’s band- who knew, I thought he was just another triathlete but he has an awesome band. Tacos that were soo good. Started off the day with a Kick Ball Tournament that I did not play in- no thanks, I can see it now, torn ACL playing kickball. But John played and had some fun. We rode in the morning and rode to the park and he stayed and I came home, cleaned up and drove over. So many give a way’s it was crazy …and we won nothing- big bummer. There were some sweet schwag – oh well was very cool to see a guy who just did his 1st Sprint win the entry to Ironman Coeur d’Alene and the other newbie win the awesome bike case. Or the woman who won the Cyclops Trainer ( I wanted that) ask what is was for. It’s all good…Riley had a good time running the dunk tank and it was nearly 5 before we knew it. Fun, fun day with awesome people.

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