Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday already....

Good day! Up early and ran with the dogs and then off for a great bike ride before the heat settled in, Just over 3 hours and it was good- tried to pay attention to power on the climbs and not blow out the ride. I wanted to finish feeling good and ready to take on the day. Success! Only hungry,,,welcome to my life. 2 peaches, dish of pineapple and 2 PB/honey sandwiches and i was satiated.

Riley is camping with a friend so the house is not filled with 8th graders....she seems to have friends coming and going 24-7. Socialite that girl has become. JD got registered today, funny though they don't give them detailed schedule until 1st day of school, just his classes, so he can get his books etc. 1 more week and the work comes back. Hard going back to school after a swimmer of European travel and fun.

And then work...relatively busy and that is good- staying on top of what is happening and have a new project, African Safari. Never done one, never searched for one but am looking forward to a new task. The other locations they are looking for I have been too, thank goodness! Makes my job much easier and me more valuable when I can recommend first hand after seeing the hotels in the cities.

More work on the website- few glitches I need worked out and am waiting on the company to reply to my "open ticket"

Had a great business meeting last night at the Grand del Mar- beautiful hotel right here in Carmel Valley- 10 minutes from here. Not on the beach but stunning views, fantastic golf course- not that I golf, and rooms are huge - over 600 sq ft, which is what most small suites are. Really a gem of a place- did some work, drank some wonderful wine and was home early. What started as work was really quite enjoyable and a treat.

Big swim in the AM- well big group that is....Cove to Pier and back, followed by a run- should be good.

Maybe just maybe will buy a car this weekend....what car? wait and see

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