Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good ride

So took off today with T,M,J (hey isn't that some kind jaw disease??) Well anyway, it was actually TMJJ and me. J had to peel off after 45 and get home so the rest of us foreged on up the coast and through Elfin Forest and out Via Rancho Parkway. At the 15 JM took the new bridge over Lake Hodges and headed home, while T and I headed toward the Wild Animal Park and eventually up Bandy Canyon and Highland Valley Road (ugh) Worked our way home for 5:30 ride and 95 miles. Ride was great. I was feeling great about the week and the ride when T lets it drop that she had just hit the 25 hour mark of training for the week. Talk about humbling....and mind you we are not back home yet, she still has a 30 minute transition run and a swim/run/weights on the schedule for tomorrow. Holy Crap.....I was demoralized but had to remember she is 21 - literally 1/2 my age. Oh my. We had a great ride, good company, chatter and the like.

And the best part...the long ride is done! Tomorrow is a day of short swim and run. Gotta love that. J did awesome today on the ride- was chasing roadies early on and riding as if he rides many times a week. So darn impressive how well he rides with such little training. He and M made it back together and kept each other company.

That is pretty much the day....massive eating affair and a nice swim in the pool and it was time to think about dinner.

Rounded out the evening with a movie Real Women Have Curves....cannot recall who recommended this to us, but well- 1st- the title is misleading. It was slow, but captivating I suppose. Interesting look at traditional Mexican culture and modern American life. Real women take chances, have flaws, embrace life... Hard to explain and hard to really say if I would recommend it. The movie was filmed in 2002 but we have seen the main actress since in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Intersting dog behavior tonight. So J pulls out the big futon for the floor and he stretches out and the dogs pile on with him. I am on the couch chilling and Rocky jumps up but cannot get comfortable on the couch- he wants to sit in my lap, but well he is a lab. He wants to be touching, but well it is hot. So he circles up and it just does not work. He hops off in discust and Zen jumps up. Rocky then proceeds to glower at him and stare him down to the point that Zen's heartrate is elevated and he is so threatened (without Rocky every making a noise) that he hops off. He lays on the futon and then jumps off because Rocky bullies him off. He is now on the floor alone and I invite him back up and Rocky sits up and tries to stare him down again. Very interesting dog behaviour!

Well.....running out of commentary for the day. Ciao

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