Saturday, August 8, 2009

And now it is Saturday....

Full week of training and working and I have little time to blog daily..... Oh woe is me :)

Thursday I took myself to UCSD Masters, have not been since pre-ironman, but I was feeling pretty confident after my successful cove swims. Well, take of the wetsuit (flotation device) and add a clock.....Julie was humbled. Went dead last in my lane, drafted all I could, and had to put on paddles to make the interval at the end. So, my swim needs some work. And I overdid GWL so my legs are sore and my run was not all that fun.

Life, kids, who can remember it is has been days.....

Friday, I went back to Masters, now sore from 4 swims this week but determined to make my body respond. Well, let's just say I did the workout, did NOT look at the clock, but am genuinely happy to be in the pool.

Met a very cool Tri Girl on Friday...she asked me to coffee to pick my brain....scary thought. But it worked out great. Rode over to meet she and her boyfriend and we talked ironman, tri and all the wonderful parts of this very addicting sport.

JD is done with Mission Bay! Thank goodness.....too much driving. The counselor in training is a great program and he thoroughly enjoyed it, even though he had to be up at 6:30 over the summer. I think he enjoyed all the activities and seemed to do sailing more than anything else. Will have to see about next summer.

Great ride on Saturday....long day, long ride and pushed it a bit too much. Good to get the miles in but had to cut back my run a bit today. Do not want to get injured, I need to dial the intensity down to successfully do the volume KP has for me. So, so hard not to push it on the rides.runs....thinking that is how I get faster. Oh and it is fun.

Goal for this week....follow effort guidelines. I really have no excuse with a Garmin for running and a Power Meter for riding, that is pretty much all the gadgets you need to know what you are doing. Oh and then there is that old PE (perceived effort) right actually listen to your body.

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