Thursday, July 23, 2009


We arrived in Denver late....rented a car from the worst company I have ever experienced EZ Rent-a Car. NOT SO EZ. 15 minutes from the airport and a dumpy little house that rents cars with too many miles and rude customer service.

Off we went and headed to Boulder to see the family. Arrived in absolute paradise...they live in N Boulder in a stunning house at the foothills. Hilly and tree lined and stunning. Cool weather and so great to see my sis and her family. We had a great night and settled in for a relaxing night of sleep.

Up, not so early, and headed for a run with my bro-in law and well the altitude is tough. A mile high makes is hard to breath. Perceived effort was high and HR was off the charts for the pace I was running, but it was stunningly beautiful. Trails and streams and runners and more runners. And the cyclists were all over. Good run and was feeling better toward the finish.

Off to Denver for a day of work for me while Riley and the girls went to the Reservoir with the Nanny. Productive work day, few meetings and very worth the trip. Glad to have the work done and back to Boulder for some fun.

Riley was awesome and stayed with the girls and DeRose, K and I went to the Kitchen for an outstanding dinner. Very, very cool place. Loved the atmosphere and the casual elegance. We had a table full of appetisers and some delicious wine. Great conversation and soaked in the Boulder scene. I am falling in love with this place...even started picking up Real Estate fliers. How many years until Riley graduates......

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