Thursday, July 30, 2009


So Zen has lost all anxiety and self consciousness about his e-collar. His new approach is the bull in the china shop. He cruises through the house as if he does not have a 12 inch collar. The noise can be alarming at times as the crashes into the walls, table, charges through the doors, hits my legs, knocks into Rocky. The collar which Rocky has used many times now looks like it has been used by 100 dogs. Pieces are missing, its bent and cracking.

Yesterday he was still sedated and sheepish....He woke up today filled with piss and vinegar fully expecting his regular run. I cannot fit his regular collar on so we headed out with a bag of bribe treats to keep him near. He immediately tried to head for the bushes, trails etc and that's all we need is the stitches torn open. The VET did a hack job and his chest looks like Frankenstein but it looks like they are double stitched, which for him is necessary. He has 2 drainage tubes which don't seem to be an issue for him. We turned heads running with his huge cone and bright yellow bandaged leg. Gotta love his spirit.

So now he has to go back for a check,$$$, follow up, $$$ and I am wanting to see an Osteopath for my ribs...but find that my $$ will be going toward the dog!

Must love dogs...... right?

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