Monday, June 8, 2009

Where to begin.....

Okay it's really not that bad.

I bonked on a short ride! Okay 3.5 hours was all I needed and it just did not go so well. Why....own fault, trying to lean up before Ironman and have been cutting back on calories but did not eat in anticipation of a 3.5 hour ride. So within 30 minutes I am bonking...can you say rookie move??? So I am inhaling Cliff Shot Blocks, 400 calories worth and I am feeling better. Problem is I am burning 700+ calories and hour. This is why if you are in a hole it is very hard to eat your way out so to speak while exercising. Short of stopping at Robertos for a 1000 calorie Carne Asada Burrito it is hard to make up what you missed. But I did! 2 Powerbars later I was feeling human again. Bad idea, under fueling. Not a good confidence building ride. And in my weariness I reset my bike computer, not once, but twice. By the time I made it home, after a stop at the market for Double Shot Mocha into my water bottle...I was feeling like I was ready to start the ride. This is why fueling is sooo critical.

Spent the rest of Sunday chilling at a fun Lacrosse Party. Hanging in the park, bbq and so much food that it was easy to soon make up the calorie deficit I created.

OHG 2 weeks to IM. This AM KP sent me a link with the temperature of Lake Couer d'Alene and I had my first twinge of anxious excitement. Mind you I think about the race at least 10 times a day and have for months, but the butterflies just started. All good feelings.

Had a nice UCSD Swim this AM and that was all for the day, workout wise. So strange to not be thinking about a run or a ride after the swim. I just drove home. Without stopping at Starbucks. I have only been to Starbucks 1 time in the last 2 weeks! Good for Julie!! When I realize how much money I give to Howard Shultz and the stockholders it is horrifying. Added up....not a pretty sight. The good or bad of Quickbooks.I just love, love it! But with the economy tanking, my business falling off, spending $4 a day on coffee just has to stop. And it has....well is tapering off.

Then it was all work....don't get me started, just a lot of stress, mostly related to the economy. We need companies to have meetings, lots of meetings!!! No more cutting back. Thank you!

This afternoon I drove Riley to the dentist, left her there, came home to get JD and drive the carpool to soccer, rush home to reply to an urgent matter, back to RB to get Riley (after my step Dad kindly rescued her from the Ortho)...anyway 2 hours later we are almost home and come across a horrible accident. And there is a guy and his dog sitting near one of the nearly totaled cars, all alone. So we stop and he is disoriented and just not right. We called his brother and finally the police and fire department came over, apparently, he caused the accident. I tell you- THAT puts it all in perspective. Whatever stress we have, thank goodness we are all home safe and sound. See what happens when I train covers so many random thoughts.

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