Friday, June 19, 2009


So the bummer of missing my flight was that I lost my rental car reservation. I called to "change" and was told the deal I had was not the $28/day mid size car is now $75/day economy car. The car is a Chevy Aero. The bonus is it probably gets 100 miles/gallon. The tires are the size of a large donut and at 65mph it starts to shake. Another bonus is I can probably fit in a motorcycle space. It runs, its clean and has a hatch back that hides whats in the back- so my gear is hidden.

Up early 6am and was happy to have a full pot of coffee already made! Thanks KP. Went to bed at 9 and after the nap was not all that tired but wanted to get a lot of sleep. Plugged into the Economist Podcast and never fails....was asleep in 10 minutes. Perfect!

Caffeinated and ready to go we rolled out around 6:45 and headed to the Lake. 62 degrees, windy and a bit rainy outside. There is a storm system hovering and the weather is chilly. The lake is 64 and felt great. Short swim and got a good feel for the water and out and changed. Warming up a local Starbucks, waiting until I can get my bike. Tri Bike Transport has them locked up, with security guard, until 8:30.

Ran into 4 UCSD swimmers, always nice to see familiar faces. Going to get some work done and then head out for a bike ride and off to meet at the Erin Baker Booth for a team picture and more cookies.....We cruised by yesterday and stocked up for the house. Granola and cookies all over and everyone is loving the goods.

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