Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mid week ....

Nice to have an easy day on Tuesday. 1:15 bike ride and mostly to spin out the soreness and recover a bit from the long ride/run. Cooler temperatures on the way, thank goodness. It was 96 when I rode on Tuesday, but waking up this AM, the moisture is back and a nice marine layer keeping it cool. Off to the pool for Masters followed by a run.

Placed my order for the new bike after receiving the final offer letter for sponsorship by Erin Baker's Cookies The bike is a Kestrel, new to me, but very cool indeed: The bike is very different in looks as there is no seat tube. What that means, according to Kestrel " We studied hours of wind tunnel data to learn how to make our bikes faster. By creating a radical, “open” triangle, wind drag created by the rider’s movements was drastically reduced" Looking forward to getting it, hopefully soon!

The team is great - welcome email to all of us, 24 around the US (12 men and women) Everyone has been introducing themselves and talking about races etc. Looks like there will be a good group at IM CdA, so that will be nice to meet some of the others.

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