Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family, family, family

Huge weekend of family fun!!!!

Everyone was in town and we had a blast...Friday and Saturday nights we had 16-19 of us at our house eating and drinking and having fun. Sunday, Dad and Kathi took on the cooking and hosting and we celebrated a belated 50th for my brother and enjoyed a magnum of sparkling wine!! Delicious.

Everyone had fun and thankfully we all get along well!

Was able to get in a nice run Saturday AM, a bit foggy as I am not use to the wine anymore...but the run was good- 50 minutes and pushed the pace. Braman and I snuck out Sunday AM while everyone was sleeping and powered out a 90 minute ride at an aggressive pace. He was on my wheel most of the ride. Good start to the day and we chased the rain clouds home. Drops were hitting us as we pulled into the driveway.

Sunday night was wiped out.....some from training earlier in the week but mostly from cooking, cleaning and drinking wine. Back to normal schedule come Monday, but poor Riley picked up UJ's cold so she spent 2 days sleeping and is back on the mend.

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