Monday, February 2, 2009

Work, work, work.....

Alarm went off at 5:30 for Masters Swim and I am pretty sure I hit the off, not the snooze button, before the end of the 1st buzz....Clearly I am tired. Snoozed until 7 when I had to get up to at least say goodbye to JD. Rocky and Zen, well Zen in particular was beside himself....hello, 7am...too late for his walk. He likes to be up and out early. Rocky meanwhile, was snoozing as well- he pretty much lays in his bed until he hears me putting the collar on Zen, then he knows it is time to get out the door.

Great intention of swimming at 9am.....did not happen. Was totally focused on work and the launching of our (T and I ) new venture. - check it out!!! So very excited as we have Chrissie Wellington's endorsement, welcome letter and she is emailing asking what more she can do to help get GO TRIbal launched!!! How exciting is that.

T and I had a work meeting and got so involved that I elected to take the day off. Emailed KP (coach) and had to say, just cannot do it today. Funny, he too is wiped out and did not make it out of his driveway when he went to swim. Good idea to listen to your body and your mind. Considering most days I am eager to go....

Hubby is gone for the week so I am on double time with the soccer, to and from swim practice. Off to make a 2nd dinner for Riley...since Zen helped himself to her sloppy joe when we were picking her up. That thieving dog!

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