Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rocked it Today

Wooohooo!!! Great day at the San Dieguito 1/2 Marathon. Went into the race with tired legs after 2 hard weeks of training, a of miles on the bike. Low expectations for the run and after a few miles warm up I started feeling good. Course is very hilly (2612 feet of elevation gain) and I ran by feel, did not pay much attention to the watch, after the turn around I picked it up and ran hard. I was able to hold on and come in at 1:39. I was really thinking it would be a 1:45 day, so I was happy....... Good place to be at this point in the season. Rain stopped for the race, but weather was crisp and chilly. The course is spectacular, running through Rancho Sante Fe, hard to beat the scenery. Thanks a bunch to Tanya for coming out to support all of us GOTRIbalnow chicks!!!

Dashed home, showered and off to RB High School to watch Riley play in her lacrosse tournament. The played in the stadium on the turf! Great fun to watch. Tough loss the first game but they won the 2nd game, playing a HS Junior Varsity Team. Her team is 6/7/8th graders. The cool part is Riley was voted MVP for the tournament by her coach and was given a new lacrosse stick. Good day for the Riles....

Got Dad and K off the to the airport and on their way to Australia....jealous, wish we were headed down under for a nice holiday. Ah but we will be in December.

Nice to have John home....terrific family dinner and anther riveting game of Spoons, which I lost again. Arrrgh!

Eary to bed......feeling a bit tired out and since I cannot stop eating, I may as well sleep. What is up with that.....enchilladas, salad, bread, 2x apples, rice.....animal crackers....stop, stop!

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