Saturday, February 14, 2009


Gotta love it!!! Friday 13.

Started with a great swim, short ride and even shorter run! Chilly but it's all good. Posted some great times swimming and that feels good.

Tough day emotionally....a lot going on and had to take a personal inventory after an upsetting turn of events. But have to say I am on the upswing and have learned a valuable lesson. Although it a trying and frustrating I have come out of it stronger, wiser and motivated. Good place to be in. Forward momentum.....maybe a bit cautious but that is okay. Appreciate so many people in my life and especially my best friend....John.

Kids are out of school for a week- it seems they are out more than they are in. 1st time in a long time we are not going skiing over this break. We are headed to Aspen at the end of the month and we have a big trip to Spain this summer. Simply cannot do it all. Kids are kind of psyched about a week of nothing- hanging with friends, sleeping in etc.

So proud of Riley, she pulled of 92 on her SS Test, after really struggling on her last 2. She put in the extra time and it paid off. Love it when that happens for the kids.

Going to hang with the kids for a bit before we head to Palm Springs......

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