Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bikes, accupuncture, lacrosse, dogs, kids....

What a day.....After a nice run this morning with Zen and powered out some work and then headed to see Dean Sprague, PedPowerPerform Lab, about my bike issues. The fitting I was so pleased with has turned out be the cause of my Achilles Tendinitis. So.....Dean replied to my plea on the Tri Club website and offered to take a look, evaluate and see what he could do for FREE. Hard to beat that- he offered a modified fitting 2 hours and after 4 hours and many meticulous measurements and rechecking I was spinning pain free and feeling good. Heading out for 4 hour ride tomorrow so will see how it all shakes out. I am really hoping this will be a good fit and will not aggravate my knees or Achilles.

With the day nearly shot, starving, I stopped in Trader Joes- bad place to go hungry. After Starbucks of course......home I go munching on all the delicious snacks only TJ's sells. Thankfully they have some of the best Organic Fuji Apples- clean off with water in the car and add some fruit to the pita chips, rice crackers and oh yes the Molasses Chews- some of the best cookies ever.

Home in time to power through email, return calls, make some proactive calls, walk the pups and sneak in a quick bike ride. Still feels good!

Kids are working hard on homework and off I went to see Jennifer Janis for Acupuncture- what a treat. Conversation, massage, stimulating needles- it was glorious and then she asked if I had to be anywhere, Oh S*%t, reality check JD had Lacrosse at 8pm (yes ridiculously late). She had to wrap it up, albeit after 2 hours- fantastic and I was on the run. Raced home (pain free- thank you) and picked up JD and buddy and dropped them off just in time. Late dinner- brown rice, eggs and sun dried tomatoes. Turned out quite nice actually. Raced out with the dogs and back to pick up the boys. Tonight was a quick try out- 2 mile time trial. Last night they had tryout from 6:30-9pm- Don't these coaches realize that is my bed time. And we find out that tryouts go until Saturday......uh oh, we are going skiing on Friday. JD is going to speak with the coach tomorrow- if does not have a spot, he is going to miss skiing in Aspen to secure a spot on the HS Lacrosse Team. Crazy....no I totally understand and missed a lot in my HS years for swimming.

For those of you who have not tried Acupuncture.....I so recommend it ( assuming you find the right practitioner) It is so wonderful- no pain, relaxing and so amazing how a needle in one part of the body creates tingling in another. Learning how the body works and how to stimulate the body to heal on it's own is tremendous.

Riley is off to bed, dogs are down for the night and I am right behind them!

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