Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aspen here we come......

Hooray, all packed and ready to go! Cannot wait to get to the snow. With my ailing AT, I need to get out of town and focus on some fun. I am sidelined from running and riding so I swam for 1:30 this AM and could hardly get out of the pool.

Went to an industry lunch at Roy's in La Jolla- delicious lunch, certainly better than the yogurt and granola I would have drummed up at home. Some terrific hotels, nice company and good networking. Even put on some real clothes and shoes. Always good to do once in a while, just to remind myself I really do have a job. Depressing talk though when in a room with hoteliers and meeting planners. An industry that is down 30-40%. Everything on sale was the message from the hotels- Let's Make a Deal. Hotels that were in the $275-$300 range a year ago were saying they are booking groups at $199. Amazing. For companies that are in a position or are willing to take a risk and book a meeting, they will get rates that are unheard of. Spoke to a Ritz Carlton today and they are offering $179. Now is the time to get 5 Star Service for 3 Star prices.

Spent the rest of the afternoon getting some rehab on my Achilles and it is feeling good and getting ready to go. Kids are packed and so am I, now John just needs to get home. He is flying in tonight. JD made the lacrosse team so he is good to go with us tomorrow! Nice the coach let me him know so he can miss the last 2 days of tryouts and have some good family fun.

Weather forecast says a bit of snow tonight and tomorrow in Aspen! Good news, will hope for more snow.

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