Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loving San Diego Weather!

Beautiful sunrise swim at UCSD! Even though today was IM day, which I personally dislike, the swim was wonderful, watching the sunrise and feeling the warmth. Warm weather is back. Sickie (UCSD Swim Coach) says IM builds character, so I ask how? Well he dislike it right? Right I say, well when you do it, you then become stronger. Not sure if I buy it but it was good banter and we started the set. 4000 yards today, nothing really hard. Good recovery swim day I suppose. Lots of kicking these days in practice and I think that helps loosen up the quads and hammies from riding and running.Refueled with my new favorite, Henrys whole-wheat raspberry bars, and off to PQ Preserve for a 45 minute run. Warmed up and then cranked out 3 nice miles, 7:47, 7:37, 7:23, and easy back home. Nice tempo in the middle and reasonable pace for the rocks and potholes I was dodging. So I am rocking out to Toby Keith (ya, a little Country is good sometimes) and out runs a barking, jumping tiny dog. It was alarming, scared me to death, not that it would bite me, frankly I could have squashed it (not that I would) but just was startling. The dog was on a leash but it was like 100 feet long....hello zip your dog in! Says the person who usually runs with 2 dogs off leash. All in all great run, knees felt pretty good. Finished with KP and ART to get the knees 100%.Gotta get some work in. Priorities right....have to pay for the Triathlon habit somehow.

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